Loan calculator – Find cheap loans online.

Loan calculator – taking personal needs into account

Loan calculator - taking personal needs into account

With a loan calculator to determine the cost of a loan. Calculating a loan only takes a few moments with this tool. This gives you the opportunity to quickly analyze a loan. Of course there are many factors that influence the decision for or against a loan. With a loan calculator you can compare these factors in a relatively short time. In many cases, a loan calculator is not just a mere interest calculator.

In addition to the loan comparison, it also allows you to calculate your individual terms (taking your creditworthiness into account). To do this, the loan calculator must of course be coupled to a corresponding database, which provides the information to calculate various loans and then compare them. Ideally, the results are output in a clear table.

How does the loan calculator work?

How does the loan calculator work?

The loan interest calculator is a program that you can find on the Internet. Accordingly, you can operate these loan calculators online, which means you do not have to download or install any software or the like. Loan calculators can be used flexibly. If you know the interest, the loan amount and the term of your loan, for example, you can quickly determine the total costs and of course the monthly installment. You can also start with the rate.

You use your desired rate and your desired amount and quickly learn how high the loan amount can be at such a rate. If you change the term of the loan, the loan amounts will of course also change. The loan calculation is very simple. Entries such as loan amount or loan duration must be made in the corresponding fields. Depending on which fields you leave blank, the loan calculator then determines the missing data and fills in the corresponding fields.

  • Click the “Compare” button in the loan calculator
  • Choose a loan amount of 500 to 100,000 USD
  • Select duration from 12 to 120 months
  • Optionally enter use for real estate, house etc.
  • Click on the “Recalculate” button
  • Select offer & send application

The use of our computer is basically possible without registration. With us you do not compare the offers of the Sparkassen and Volksbanken. The loan offers relate primarily to private credit institutions.

The loan calculator helps you compare the costs and finances of your loan. This gives you the opportunity to find cheap installment loans as well as private loans.

How much credit can I afford?

How much credit can I afford?

How much credit you can really afford depends primarily on your income and age. If you have an above-average income, there is a possibility that you will receive a high loan. However, your monthly expenses also play an important role here. The following questions arise:

  • Do I have a secure income?
  • Do I already have an ongoing loan?
  • How much money does it take each month to maintain my current and desired standard of living after all deductions?
  • What is my equity?
  • Can I also afford special repayment offers?
  • How old am I when the loan is paid off on schedule?

What do I really pay?

What do I really pay?

When you take out a loan, you enter a fixed interest period. This means that you are bound to the loan terms for a period of around 5 to 15 years. Should the interest rate improve in the next few years, this will result in a cost disadvantage for you. In contrast, you benefit from a long fixed interest period when interest rates rise. Your monthly repayment rate changes. If you want to use offers with special repayment, this means that you have paid off the loan for your new car or new house more quickly.

Is there a loan calculator without a Credit Bureau query?

Our loan calculator is fundamentally Credit Bureau neutral, so there is no query about your personal creditworthiness in the price comparison. Your creditworthiness is only checked when you apply for a loan from the respective bank. Basically, it is good if you do not realize your new property or your new investment project without equity. Your contributed equity gives the banks a certain amount of security when granting a selected loan. This applies above all to the self-employed.

Guide to loans for bad payers with sale of the fifth 2017

Loans for bad payers 2017

Loans for bad payers 2017

Obtaining funding in the current climate of economic crisis and job market precariousness is not easy. The picture becomes even more difficult if the applicant has had problems in repaying previous loans, that is, if he is registered in the register of so-called ” bad payers “. Subjects who, however, can resort to loans for bad payers with assignment of the fifth.

Before talking about the conditions applied to loans for bad payers with assignment of the fifth, however, it is necessary to take stock of who the bad payers are. Unlike what one might think, in fact, the status of bad payer is a condition that can be reached even by delaying the payment of some installments.

Finding oneself registered in SIC databases as bad payers is in fact simpler than many believe. Not to mention that the report remains for some time.

The inscription of a name in the lists of “bad payers” can last up to three years from the moment in which the financing ends. The bad payer status determines, in the eyes of the paying agencies, a high probability of insolvency and this determines, in most cases, the rejection by banks of the application for funding.

SIC data registration and deletion

SIC data registration and deletion

But how does reporting in SIC databases take place? Banks and financial institutions send to the Italian SIC (Credit Information Systems) databases every month. Data concerning both loan applications accepted by the institutes and those rejected and withdrawn. Obviously, in addition to the requests, the data communicated to the SIC also concern the reimbursement of the credit lines in progress.

Once transmitted, the data remain in memory for a certain period of time, depending on the type of signaling. Specifically, the following storage times are foreseen.

  • 6 months in the event of an application for funding being evaluated;
  • 1 month for loan applications waived or refused;
  • 36 months for loans that have been repaid regularly;
  • 12 months for delays related to 1 or 2 monthly installments;
  • 24 months for delays concerning 3 or more monthly installments;
  • 36 months for loans not repaid or presenting serious default.

The data recorded in the SIC databases therefore not only concern loans that show irregularities in the payment of installments, but also those that have been repaid regularly. A fact that we must take into consideration when we go to deal with the issue of deletion of SIC data.

The deletion of positive data is always possible and can be requested free of charge by contacting the bank or financial company with which the loan referred to has been contracted. Alternatively, you can request cancellation by contacting the company that deals with the management of your SIC data (the main one in Italy is Global company).

Instead, the question for the negative data is different. Once retention times have elapsed, negative data is automatically deleted. Consequently, it is not necessary to request cancellation, which in any case cannot take place before the storage period has elapsed.

The assignment of the fifth

The reason why lenders are unwilling to lend to those who are reported as bad payers is obviously attributable to the fact that this person is considered unreliable. This is why bad pay loans usually involve higher interest rates than those applied to traditional personal loans.

Despite the difficulties highlighted, there is also a solution for bad payers and foreclosures: bad pay loans with assignment of the fifth. Let’s find out the characteristics and especially how to get them.

Who can get them

Who can get them

The distinctive element of these financial products is the transfer of the fifth. It is a type of financing that provides for the withholding of the monthly installment, which cannot exceed a fifth of salary or pension. The beneficiaries are in fact employees, preferably if they have an open-ended employment contract, and retirees.

However it is necessary to specify that not all retirees can obtain loans for bad payers on assignment of the fifth. The holders of the following social security benefits do not have access to this type of financing.

  • civil disabilities;
  • allowances for pensioners;
  • pensions and social allowances;
  • income support allowances;
  • family allowances.

Recall that for pensions with joint ownership, the transfer of the fifth can be granted only for the share pertaining to the applicant.

How the refund takes place

How the refund takes place

Now that we have seen who can get loans for bad payers with assignment of the fifth, let’s move on to the question of repayment. As the name suggests, the amortization installments are not paid by the beneficiary, but reduced at the source.

The installment is therefore retained by the monthly benefit (salary or pension) by the employer or by the social security institution and is paid to the lender. The sums provided cannot exceed 60 thousand USD, while the repayment plan can reach 120 monthly installments.

If the customer can count on a fixed-term contract, the duration of the latter must be greater than the loan amortization plan. In any case, the applicant will go to take out an insurance that will protect the provider in the event of death or loss of the client ‘s job.

If the beneficiary of the loan is an employee of a private company, the insurance company can claim other requirements that affect the company (type of company, number of employees, etc.). Not only that, from the point of view of the requirements, the employee could be called to provide the accumulated severance indemnity.

The installment remains the same for the entire repayment period and can never exceed one fifth of salary or pension, this means that the amount provided to the customer depends directly on the monthly allowance received. If the beneficiary is an employee, his employer, who is in charge of retaining the installment and paying it to the chosen bank or financial institution, cannot oppose the process of transferring the fifth.

The best offers 2017

The best offers 2017

But who makes loans for bad payers with assignment of the fifth? The assignment of the fifth is one of the most popular loan solutions in our country. There are therefore many banks and financial companies that provide loans against the assignment of a fifth of the pension or salary.

Among the most advantageous offers of the moment we find loans for bad payers with the sale of one fifth of Findomestic. A promotion is currently underway which entails the granting of a loan of 13 thousand USD.

Sum that must be repaid with an amortization plan that extends for 120 months. The monthly installment to be paid is 144 USD, while the interest rate (Tan) is fixed at 5.95%. The Taeg instead stood at 6.11%.

As regards the offer reserved for pensioners, Findomestic offers a loan on the sale of the fifth with an amount equal to 12 thousand USD to be repaid in 120 installments of 136 USD each. Tan and Taeg are fixed at 6.46% and 6.65% respectively.

Also very interesting is the offer by Compass which provides loans on the sale of one fifth of the salary or pension with amounts that can even exceed 75 thousand USD. There are no brokerage fees and pensioners can access credit even over 70 years.

For more information on loans based on the assignment of the fifth, please visit the specialized portal

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Small Loans – loan amount usually does not exceed 3,000 dollars

Cheap small loans for new purchases

Cheap small loans for new purchases

Small credit is a special form of installment loan. The name is due to the fact that the loan amount usually does not exceed 3,000 dollars. For example, if you want to use a loan to finance the purchase of a new washing machine, this will usually be a small loan. The small loan is not earmarked, which means that you can use the money for purchases of any kind or for travel and the like. As is usual with an installment loan, this loan is also repaid in corresponding monthly installments. Of course, interest and different fees are also due, which are included in the installments. In special cases, you can even get interest-free small loans, but these are usually promotions from large retailers. This is because the small loan is earmarked, which means that you have to make a purchase from the provider with the money.

Use a small loan comparison to find a cheap loan

Use a small loan comparison to find a cheap loan

Of course, a small loan is generally available to you, namely the overdraft facility linked to the checking account. But this is usually very expensive, which means that interest rates are unattractive. If you want to borrow money in the long term, it is cheaper to look for alternative financing options. You have different options for this. Of course, the Internet is a particularly simple and fast source of information. There you will find a lot of information about small loans. The credit comparison calculator is a great way to find a particularly cheap loan. This determines the cheapest loans from the offers of the different financial institutions based on your desired dates. It is advisable to vary the terms and the amount of the loan, because this often results in new and more tradable financing options.

Who grants small loans?

Who grants small loans?

You can get small loans from all well-known banks and credit institutions. So that you do not have to look for the individual conditions yourself, a small loan comparison on the Internet is recommended, which shows you the cheapest offers for your desired loan amount and term. Tip: Always choose a reputable loan provider. Corresponding information provides you with existing customer ratings, whereby a rating of 5 out of 5 points is a very popular provider of small loans. It is also an advantage if you are familiar with the name of the lending bank.

What do I have to consider when comparing loans?

What do I have to consider when comparing loans?

The comparison is simple and self-explanatory, so you only need to consider a few points. Since these are only small loan amounts, you should not set the term too long. A shorter term means that you can pay off the loan faster, even if this is often associated with a higher interest rate. The small loan comparison is always credit bureau neutral, however, the lenders reserve the right to check your personal solvency after submitting the application.

What does a small loan cost in comparison?

What does a small loan cost in comparison?

In comparison, you get particularly cheap loans from less than one percent in the monthly effective interest, which are often starting prices. The amount of the interest rate is based on the loan amount and your repayment collateral. This means:

  • the lower the loan amount, the lower the monthly costs
  • the higher the repayment collateral, the lower the costs

Offers with negative interest rates seem tempting at first, but loan amounts are often limited to $ 1,000. In addition, providers often require the opening of a current account that is free of charge for the duration of the loan.

Loans for Work Abroad this year

Between 1990 and 2020, over 750,000 citizens emigrated from Lithuania. Mostly, of course, because of the desire to find a better job abroad. Norway, England, Ireland, Sweden are just a few of the countries where our countrymen go to look for a better job. For some reason, these people may need to borrow money. With this opportunity in 2020, the search for loans for those working abroad will begin.

As a result, loans for working abroad and loans for ex-pats who may be temporarily out of work in 2020 are in high demand. They are not difficult to obtain, as lenders tend to lend such loans easily in good economic times. Granting a loan to a resident abroad may also depend on other details, but temporary workers can borrow in Lithuania boldly. In 2020, this is a process that has become commonplace!

Although the details are country-specific

Although the details are country-specific

There is virtually no state that would restrict the granting of loans to foreigners. To qualify for any loan, an alien must meet several essential requirements. First, he must have a legal job in the country where he works. However, this may not be enough as such work must guarantee a certain amount of income. While a $ 1,500 salary may seem high to us, it may not be enough for foreign lenders to talk about a loan. And if it was small, the person would still have to survive a certain period of time – usually several years. Some countries are even stricter – loans to foreigners are not granted at all.

Under these circumstances, getting a loan abroad is too difficult. Even if you meet all the requirements, language and other glitches can interfere with your credit. However, even after receiving it, you can never know whether you really got it under the best conditions, because without understanding the language it is difficult to compare different creditors. This can be extremely painful when it comes to getting instant credits. After all, even the slightest difference in interest can be very significant! Therefore, ex-pats have no other option but to look back and look for loans abroad in Lithuania.

Quick credits for working abroad are granted in Lithuania

Quick credits for working abroad are granted in Lithuania

We are used to the fact that instant credits are granted to Lithuanians without any major problems. Of course, there are several statutory requirements that must be met, but once you do, there are virtually no problems on the road. But it is rare for us to wonder whether credits can be given to those who work abroad.

The answer is very simple – yes, but with one condition. That condition is also self-explanatory. Those seeking a loan in Lithuania but working abroad must have a legal job. Otherwise, you will be unemployed as a creditor because they will not see your income in the system. And as you know, getting instant credit for the unemployed can be tricky. Therefore, the first rule is that you must have legal employment and legal income abroad. It is probably not worth saying that this income must also be formalized and registered in Lithuania. In other words, they must be visible to Sodra from which the creditors receive the data.

But that income must also be high enough. Just having a job and earning money is not enough. Lending too little will legally prevent lenders from giving you a loan. Simply, the potential credit contributions cannot be in a proportion higher than that prescribed by law. In addition, the majority of income is freely available to obtain a loan when working abroad. This means that most of them must be free from financial obligations.

In 2019, there is a real opportunity to obtain a loan from foreign lenders as well, but their requirements are much higher and most ex-pats would not even be able to qualify for a loan abroad.

What kind of loans is available to those working abroad?

What kind of loans is available to those working abroad?

If you meet all the terms and conditions (which are usually identical to those for those working in Lithuania), you have every chance of getting a loan. What types of loans are you talking about?

You will have virtually identical conditions as everyone else. You will be able to get a consumer loan, a home loan, a home repair loan or a car loan or a regular quick loan. Some lenders may even be tempted to grant these loans on better terms. But for that, your income must be high enough and you must have a high enough seniority in the same job.

For a home loan, you may even need to make a first down payment. This means that not only will you have to have a high income but also a lot of savings. The value of the mortgage loan will also determine the amount of this contribution. But it can be as high as $ 10,000.

With a consumer, the loan can also be tricky. Because you need to get it from a bank, which doesn’t always mean you can get it online. This already creates problems (return to Lithuania, paperwork, etc.). This can make it difficult for ex-pats to obtain such consumer loans. On the other hand, looking for a home loan will still require you to return, as such loans are not available online.

Like all ex-pats, emigrants have access to loan refinancing. Sometimes, working abroad can not only help but also be detrimental. For example, indebtedness can accumulate and, in the event of a sudden job loss or loss of income, such a burden of obligations can become difficult to bear. In such cases, a refinancing service can save you.

True, it can only be granted if your obligations are received in Lithuania. Having a commitment abroad to get refinancing even if your income is high enough is a difficult mission. Simply combining such debts into one would be too difficult for the creditor. However, as this service is usually tailor-made, be sure to write to your creditor and inquire about this option. You never know what kind of answer you can get.

Banks that give credit to executioners 2019

Banks that lend lawyers to execution in 2019 usually give loans in return for collateral. If there is a house, workplace or zoned land that has a high value on you or a relative of you that you can show as a guarantee, you can apply for these loans.

Provide collateral in mortgage-borrowing banks


Your credit rating is not of utmost importance as you normally provide collateral in mortgage-borrowing banks while evaluating credit requests over credit points. In addition, some banks allow you to close all your debts by giving them loans. The banks that give credit to the executioner are;

Honest Bank Credit


Within the scope of Honest Bank, you can have a loan in 3 steps. You can get your loan with maturity options starting from 3 months to 60 months with interest rates of 2.49% and 2.79%.

You will be able to meet your needs with an Honest loan, which is the most preferred loan for those with low credit ratings and execution. To apply for this loan, you must first access the Honest Bank website.

Then click on the “Get Your Money Now” button, stating how much money you need from the form on the main page and how many installments you want to pay. Then, give the necessary confirmation processes by entering the TR Identity number, mobile number and e-mail address on the screen.

Finish your application by giving the necessary approvals in the next steps. Your application will be concluded at an average of 3 minutes. If your loan is approved, Honest Bank sends a courier to you anywhere by contacting you.

This courier will give you an Active Bank debit card and ask you to sign the necessary documents for the approval of the loan. After the approval process is notified to the bank, the loan you request will be deposited into your account instantly.

Cooperative Debt Closure Loan to Executioner


With Cooperative Debt Loan, you can carry all your debts to Cooperative and get regular payment opportunities with more favorable interest rates. Within the scope of the Cooperative debt closing loan, Cooperative lends up to 100.000 USD with an interest rate of 2.29%.

In addition, maturities for this loan start from 3 months to 60 months. A loan allocation fee is also requested for this loan offered by Cooperative. This fee is 0.5% of the loan requested. Applications are made only through Cooperative branches.

GFIC Bank Credit

You can meet your urgent cash needs with GFIC Bank needs and mortgage financing loans. We recommend you to apply for the GFIC Bank mortgage financing loan, especially among lenders.

Because when you can show the required collateral, this loan is more likely to result in a positive result. You can pay your cash needs up to 500.000 USD up to 60 months maturity with campaign mortgage financing loan. The real estate you show here as a mortgage must belong to you.

A certain ratio of the value of the real estate you have provided as a guarantee in the appraisal report is given to you as a loan. Applications for the mortgage financing loan with the GFIC Bank campaign are made online.

Borrowing for a renovation compare renovation loans

Renovation loan

Renovation loan


Borrowing for a renovation is possible with a renovation loan. Anyone who wants to renovate or renovate an existing home can turn to a lender for this. This is a financial institution that helps people with the financing of Depending on the type of project, the lender grants a customized loan to the borrower. In the case of a renovation or renovation of an existing home, that is a renovation loan or a renovation loan.

Installment loan costs

Installment loan costs

A renovation loan is an installment loan. This means that the borrower undertakes contractually to repay the borrowed amount monthly. In exchange for the financing and the risk that the lender takes, the borrower pays interest. Those interests are settled in the monthly repayments.

The amount depends on markets. If the market interest rate is low, chances are that the Adam Bedeen will adjust the price tag of the renovation loan downwards. What is going on with the competitors also has an impact on the price tag of the renovation loan.

In any case, the lender must adhere to a number of restrictions when granting an installment loan. For example,maximum repayment period. That period depends on the amount borrowed and is at least 24 months. The maximum repayment period may never exceed 240 months. This is the case when the loan amount exceeds 37,001 USD.

Conditions for a renovation loan

Anyone applying for a refurbishment loan must be able to prove that he will use that loan for a refurbishment. Anyone who wants to finance other projects must take out another loan for this. For example, the purchase of a washing machine is accompanied by a personal loan or the purchase of a credit card.

The purpose of the loan can be proven by submitting or a specification. Anyone who is not in possession of a certificate cannot apply for a refurbishment loan.

Green loans

Green loans

Anyone who wants to take out a green renovation loan must be able to prove that it is an energy-saving investment, for example by installing additional insulation or solar panels. Green loans are cheaper than regular renovation loans.

Reservation commission

Sometimes it is possible to put the loan amount in installments. This may be necessary, for example, when the renovation or renovation is carried out in different phases. In that case, the Adam Bede will keep part of the loan amount in custody. There are additional costs involved. The Adam Bedeen charge a so-called reservation fee when someone does not withdraw the full amount. That rate fluctuates around 0.1 percent.

Defaults on a renovation loan

Just as with other installment loans, a default on a refurbishment loan is associated with a number of consequences. Those who do not meet their obligations will be placed on the Central for Credits to Individuals of the National Adam Bede. Financial institutions are obliged to consult that list when someone wishes to take out a loan. If it appears that someone is registered as a defaulter elsewhere, the lender will refuse the loan.

Moreover, the lenders can terminate the loan contract early. The lender will then request that the loan be repaid in full. In addition, the financial institution may charge default interest and compensation.

Compare renovation loan

Compare renovation loan

On you can review all renovation loans. We publish the official rates of Bedeen. In addition, we keep the rates on our site up to date. This way you immediately know which lender you can get cheaper renovation loans from. On you can immediately see how much the repayable amount is, including the interest. But don’t forget: Borrowing money also costs money.

Curious as to whether it is cheaper to finance a renovation with an additional capital draw through a mortgage loan? Then compare the rates for mortgage loans here. You can also consult the following installment loans on our site: personal loans, pooling loans or car loans for a new car.

Borrow to buy a house without contribution


The purchase of a house is the dream of many households, for others it is an efficient and profitable investment. Can you borrow to buy a house without having contributed? Our experts answer you.

House: borrow without contribution

House: borrow without contribution

As part of a home purchase, the contribution is not necessary. Some credit institutions consider that the contribution is one of the essential criteria for obtaining financing, but it is in no way an obligation. This is a positive point in the file to obtain advantageous conditions, that said other criteria allow borrowing with attractive conditions in the context of the purchase of a house. These other criteria are, among other things, income, the absence of rejections or payment incidents in the last few months and perfect management of one’s bank accounts. These simple 3 criteria form sufficient clues to reassure banks and convince them to legend to borrowers who have no financial backing.

Bank direct debit has also become a subject of battle, to the point that legislation was born on January 1, 2018 obliging banks to clearly inform borrowers of a preferential advantage in the event of a proposal for direct debit in this news bank. Consumers therefore have more possibilities to negotiate good conditions and be able to buy the house without contribution. Finally, borrower insurance can also be negotiated and weighed in the balance.

Buying a house without contribution: how much?

Buying a house without contribution: how much?

The first important step before embarking on procedures is to calculate the amount that you can borrow with your current situation, this is called borrowing capacity. A borrower alone, just like a couple will have a well-defined borrowing capacity, it takes into account the total income of the households but also the cartoons with in particular the credits being reimbursed. There can be blockages in obtaining financing when the current loans are too numerous and have too large a share in the expenses of the household, this situation is frequent and can be resolved with the use of loan repurchase consumption.

Simulate a loan for a house

Simulate a loan for a house

The first step remains to use an online simulation, it is a comparative approach to probe credit institutions that can grant financing. The simulator allows you to enter your financial situation, specify any credits in progress and validate financial and personal information. After validation, a few minutes are enough to obtain a financing estimate and especially to be aware of the current loan conditions: rate, amount, duration and monthly payment. This approach is above all without obligation and offered free of charge. Finally, it is important to compare the rates but also the total cost of the mortgage to compare two financing offers.

Is it wise to combine loans the monthly burden can fall considerably

Whoever has several loans to his name, can sometimes no longer see the trees through the forest. What solutions are there then? You can save by merging loans.

Merging loans can be interesting. Anyone who has bought a new car on installment and is now forced to install a new kitchen may be wise to combine loans. An extra personal loan takes a substantial bite out of your monthly budget. That is why the majority of lenders in our country offer you the option of consolidating loans, or merging loans. What does that mean for you?

Merge loans – merge certain credits into one credit

Merge loans - merge certain credits into one credit

By combining loans, the monthly burden can fall considerably. After all, the Best bank allows you to merge certain credits into one credit. You can agree a new installment period in consultation with your lender. You can also decide to add the repayment of a loan to such an aggregation. In that case, the Best bank will close your credit card or reset it to 0.

But what should you pay attention to when merging loans? First of all, take the annual percentage rate into account. The posted rates may differ considerably. For example, anyone who calls on Best Bank for a grouping of loans (worth 20,000 USD) pays an annual cost percentage of 5.25 percent (over 60 months). In that case, you owe interest at 2716 USD.

Best bank charges you a 10 percent interest rate. Taking out a loan with Best Bank will save you 2,526 USD. View the rates here.

More than interest

More than interest

Although it is advisable to also take your personal situation into account. A lower rate may look good, but the purpose of a regrouping of credits is primarily to alleviate monthly repayments. If you blindly opt for the lowest interest rate, you risk that the monthly repayments hardly decrease. Therefore, also view the repayment term of the lender. This allows you to estimate perfectly whether the proposed formula fits your personal situation.

We do emphasize that the above comparison was made on the basis of posted rates. Best bank can charge you a different rate based on their calculations. That is why it is important to inform you well.


First loan free: where to get?

The first loan free of charge is probably the most sought after fast credit campaign ever. Hundreds of thousands of people have benefited from this campaign. Sometimes, even those who didn’t need the money at the time were in a hurry to use it. Such was the attractiveness of this promotion! Getting a loan for free is not a daily occurrence.

Free online loans are still available today

Free online loans are still available today

Many different lenders offer this type of stock. Probably the longest on the market this offer is offered by It was also the first creditor to launch this promotion. However, there are more than just other lenders who provide such a promotion. There are also many stocks of this type whose differences need to be understood before borrowing.

It is worth remembering that such a promotion is currently valid for instant online loans. Consumer loans have no similar shares and have not yet had. However, even in the case of quick loans, they are not granted without exception. In most cases, they are not limited to the first credit but also to credits up to $ 1,000.

This means that you can get a loan for free only if you borrow no more than a set amount and for no longer than the term (often only up to 3 months). Therefore, before you are happy to find such a promotion, make sure that the online loan offered is suitable for your needs and that the loan repayment terms are right for you.

But before analyzing these differences, let’s answer the obvious question: Where’s the hook? You probably haven’t thought about this one. Lenders offer loans for free. After all, there must be somewhere the benefits a lender can get from such a non-interest bearing loan (because that’s the only thing he gets out of!). Otherwise, who should give the first loan for free? There are no large hooks, but it is still worth checking out.

Why are there free loans?

Why are there free loans?

First, you may think that there is some obvious hook. Somehow, the lender still pulls money from the client. After all, no one borrows money for nothing?! Especially since instant loans are known as one of the most expensive on the market.

We will reassure you: no one will really make any money out of your money by any means. The first loan is free of charge on virtually identical terms and conditions to the other instant credits. There are no secrets and no hidden details here.

So why are you getting free credits? The reason for this is very simple. There is fierce competition in this market. There are many creditors and the number of borrowers is stable. That’s why everyone wants to attract as many potential new customers as they can. There are many ways to do this. Advertising through different channels, improving the site in an effort to attract customers with the convenience of their own page, and various promotions. But that still doesn’t answer the basic question: What’s the benefit to a lender of lending money and not getting a penny of interest?

There are certainly no direct benefits here. But her creditors are not looking. The first loan is free because the customer is expected to get used to their services. The creditor expects the customer, once borrowed once free, to return to the same creditor to borrow again. He may no longer want to fill in new registration forms and get used to the system or other conditions. Then he will definitely choose the creditor whose services he has already tried. Therefore, while such a share does not bring direct financial benefits, it may pay off in the future. Especially since it costs the lender just as much.

However, there is a second reason for granting such a promotion. Free interest-free loans provide customer contacts. Therefore, even if such a customer does not borrow again from the same creditor in the future, the benefit to him may remain. He may inform such customers directly of any new promotions or offers. And this is very valuable. Especially when it comes to sms credits, which provide very important information about a customer – his or her phone number.

Let’s not forget that at the very beginning the creditors paid twenty dollars even for registration! All he had to do was recommend the man, send him a special link, and he just got paid for his registration! As you can see, contact with creditors is really valuable. That’s why the first credit is offered for free, partly for this reason. Even if you fail to earn it right away, you are hoping to do it more effectively in the future.

What are free credit promotions?

What are free credit promotions?

It may appear that there is only one type of free loan promotion. How can different promotions be? If the interest-free loan is the way it is, it is free, and you will not think of anything else here. But the reality is quite different. There are even several promotions of this type.

One of the best known to everyone is the promotion, known as the first credit for free. There is probably not much to talk about. For the first time, a lender can get a quick credit and pay no interest or other fees. How much you borrow – you will pay back. Everything is as simple as two to two.

This is the best possible promotion of its kind. Other promotions are similar and not bad, but not equal to this. There is a so-called free loan campaign where the loan is given for free but only for a limited period. Borrowing interest may not require payment for a set period of time, but after that, interest will have to be paid, as is the case with everyone. This is a partial free loan because it can only be paid for the first few months – at best.

Another similar thing found in the market – online credits without registration fee. These are regular credits that simply do not require you to pay for registration, which can sometimes be quite expensive. Although not comparable to a free loan, people often look for such loans for one reason or another.

There are other similar types of shares, but they are so specific that it’s not worth talking about. But perhaps it’s worth noting that if you are unemployed looking for an unemployed loan, then your best chance is to get an interest-free loan. Such an interest-free loan is simply the safest thing to do, as there is the greatest chance that it will be repaid on time. Although loan refinancing could also be mentioned as an option for such a loan.

It is never to be forgotten that the first credit is not given free of charge to anyone on any terms. Although you will only have to repay the borrowed interest-free amount, the free loan must still be granted in accordance with the law. And they tell you what customers can’t lend without any major exceptions. Therefore, if, say, you are in debt, it is advisable to look not at getting a loan for free but at reducing your debt. Perhaps the aforementioned refinancing would also help here.

Government Agency loan calculation installment simulation

Loans installment calculation the procedure to be followed

Loans installment calculation the procedure to be followed

Are you a public employee or pensioner and would you like to apply for a subsidized Social Institute ex Government Agency loan? In this article you will find out how to calculate the installment using the Government Agency loan simulation installment services available on the official Social Institute website. This way you can evaluate the offer before submitting the request.

Before reviewing the various steps to follow for calculating Government Agency loan simulation installment it is necessary to make a clarification. The service we are going to illustrate refers only to direct Social Institute ex Government Agency loans, i.e. granted by Social Institute. It is therefore not possible to use the Government Agency loan simulation installment services for the calculation of loans granted by banks and financial institutions in agreement with the social security institution.

Social Institute loan simulation service

Social Institute loan simulation service

The Government Agency loan simulation installment service is accessible to all users and does not require logging in with Pin Social Institute. To reach it, you need to connect to the Social site and follow the path: “Home – All Services – Public Employee Management: simulation of small loan and multi-year loan calculation”.

The service is aimed at subjects belonging to the Social Institute ex Government Agency Management who are registered in the Unitary Management of credit and social services (Social Institute Credit Fund).

The service offers the user three calculation methods: Loan Simulation; Loan Simulation for Ideal Installment; Loan Simulation for Specific Amount. It is in fact possible to choose whether to carry out a generic or more specific simulation.

In any case, the simulator offers the user all the Social Institute loans ex Government Agency accessible to him on the basis of the data entered. The service therefore offers both small loan and multi-year loan solutions. For each proposed loan, Social Institute indicates all the items of expenditure that contribute to the definition of the net loan.

Example of simulation of small Social Institute loan for civil servants

Example of simulation of small Social Institute loan for civil servants

But let’s take an example of simulating Social Institute loans ex Government Agency. Let’s assume that a civil servant wishes to obtain a small loan with an amount of 7 thousand USD. To find the financing that best meets your needs, we choose to do a simulation for a specific amount.

For the simulation it is necessary to insert in the calculation form the net salary, the date of birth of the applicant and the desired amount. In this regard, we hypothesized that to apply for funding is an employee born on 10 May 1980 and with a net monthly salary of 1200 USD.

Under these conditions, the system offers us two solutions for small loans. The first provides for a three-year term, while in the second case we have a repayment period of four years. In both cases the interest rate is fixed at 4.25%. By opting for the three-year loan we have a monthly installment of 207.20 USD while for the four-year loan the installment to be paid is 158.58 USD.