Great Personal Finance Tips Credit Banks that give credit to executioners 2019

Banks that give credit to executioners 2019

Banks that lend lawyers to execution in 2019 usually give loans in return for collateral. If there is a house, workplace or zoned land that has a high value on you or a relative of you that you can show as a guarantee, you can apply for these loans.

Provide collateral in mortgage-borrowing banks


Your credit rating is not of utmost importance as you normally provide collateral in mortgage-borrowing banks while evaluating credit requests over credit points. In addition, some banks allow you to close all your debts by giving them loans. The banks that give credit to the executioner are;

Honest Bank Credit


Within the scope of Honest Bank, you can have a loan in 3 steps. You can get your loan with maturity options starting from 3 months to 60 months with interest rates of 2.49% and 2.79%.

You will be able to meet your needs with an Honest loan, which is the most preferred loan for those with low credit ratings and execution. To apply for this loan, you must first access the Honest Bank website.

Then click on the “Get Your Money Now” button, stating how much money you need from the form on the main page and how many installments you want to pay. Then, give the necessary confirmation processes by entering the TR Identity number, mobile number and e-mail address on the screen.

Finish your application by giving the necessary approvals in the next steps. Your application will be concluded at an average of 3 minutes. If your loan is approved, Honest Bank sends a courier to you anywhere by contacting you.

This courier will give you an Active Bank debit card and ask you to sign the necessary documents for the approval of the loan. After the approval process is notified to the bank, the loan you request will be deposited into your account instantly.

Cooperative Debt Closure Loan to Executioner


With Cooperative Debt Loan, you can carry all your debts to Cooperative and get regular payment opportunities with more favorable interest rates. Within the scope of the Cooperative debt closing loan, Cooperative lends up to 100.000 USD with an interest rate of 2.29%.

In addition, maturities for this loan start from 3 months to 60 months. A loan allocation fee is also requested for this loan offered by Cooperative. This fee is 0.5% of the loan requested. Applications are made only through Cooperative branches.

GFIC Bank Credit

You can meet your urgent cash needs with GFIC Bank needs and mortgage financing loans. We recommend you to apply for the GFIC Bank mortgage financing loan, especially among lenders.

Because when you can show the required collateral, this loan is more likely to result in a positive result. You can pay your cash needs up to 500.000 USD up to 60 months maturity with campaign mortgage financing loan. The real estate you show here as a mortgage must belong to you.

A certain ratio of the value of the real estate you have provided as a guarantee in the appraisal report is given to you as a loan. Applications for the mortgage financing loan with the GFIC Bank campaign are made online.