Great Personal Finance Tips Loan First loan free: where to get?

First loan free: where to get?

The first loan free of charge is probably the most sought after fast credit campaign ever. Hundreds of thousands of people have benefited from this campaign. Sometimes, even those who didn’t need the money at the time were in a hurry to use it. Such was the attractiveness of this promotion! Getting a loan for free is not a daily occurrence.

Free online loans are still available today

Free online loans are still available today

Many different lenders offer this type of stock. Probably the longest on the market this offer is offered by It was also the first creditor to launch this promotion. However, there are more than just other lenders who provide such a promotion. There are also many stocks of this type whose differences need to be understood before borrowing.

It is worth remembering that such a promotion is currently valid for instant online loans. Consumer loans have no similar shares and have not yet had. However, even in the case of quick loans, they are not granted without exception. In most cases, they are not limited to the first credit but also to credits up to $ 1,000.

This means that you can get a loan for free only if you borrow no more than a set amount and for no longer than the term (often only up to 3 months). Therefore, before you are happy to find such a promotion, make sure that the online loan offered is suitable for your needs and that the loan repayment terms are right for you.

But before analyzing these differences, let’s answer the obvious question: Where’s the hook? You probably haven’t thought about this one. Lenders offer loans for free. After all, there must be somewhere the benefits a lender can get from such a non-interest bearing loan (because that’s the only thing he gets out of!). Otherwise, who should give the first loan for free? There are no large hooks, but it is still worth checking out.

Why are there free loans?

Why are there free loans?

First, you may think that there is some obvious hook. Somehow, the lender still pulls money from the client. After all, no one borrows money for nothing?! Especially since instant loans are known as one of the most expensive on the market.

We will reassure you: no one will really make any money out of your money by any means. The first loan is free of charge on virtually identical terms and conditions to the other instant credits. There are no secrets and no hidden details here.

So why are you getting free credits? The reason for this is very simple. There is fierce competition in this market. There are many creditors and the number of borrowers is stable. That’s why everyone wants to attract as many potential new customers as they can. There are many ways to do this. Advertising through different channels, improving the site in an effort to attract customers with the convenience of their own page, and various promotions. But that still doesn’t answer the basic question: What’s the benefit to a lender of lending money and not getting a penny of interest?

There are certainly no direct benefits here. But her creditors are not looking. The first loan is free because the customer is expected to get used to their services. The creditor expects the customer, once borrowed once free, to return to the same creditor to borrow again. He may no longer want to fill in new registration forms and get used to the system or other conditions. Then he will definitely choose the creditor whose services he has already tried. Therefore, while such a share does not bring direct financial benefits, it may pay off in the future. Especially since it costs the lender just as much.

However, there is a second reason for granting such a promotion. Free interest-free loans provide customer contacts. Therefore, even if such a customer does not borrow again from the same creditor in the future, the benefit to him may remain. He may inform such customers directly of any new promotions or offers. And this is very valuable. Especially when it comes to sms credits, which provide very important information about a customer – his or her phone number.

Let’s not forget that at the very beginning the creditors paid twenty dollars even for registration! All he had to do was recommend the man, send him a special link, and he just got paid for his registration! As you can see, contact with creditors is really valuable. That’s why the first credit is offered for free, partly for this reason. Even if you fail to earn it right away, you are hoping to do it more effectively in the future.

What are free credit promotions?

What are free credit promotions?

It may appear that there is only one type of free loan promotion. How can different promotions be? If the interest-free loan is the way it is, it is free, and you will not think of anything else here. But the reality is quite different. There are even several promotions of this type.

One of the best known to everyone is the promotion, known as the first credit for free. There is probably not much to talk about. For the first time, a lender can get a quick credit and pay no interest or other fees. How much you borrow – you will pay back. Everything is as simple as two to two.

This is the best possible promotion of its kind. Other promotions are similar and not bad, but not equal to this. There is a so-called free loan campaign where the loan is given for free but only for a limited period. Borrowing interest may not require payment for a set period of time, but after that, interest will have to be paid, as is the case with everyone. This is a partial free loan because it can only be paid for the first few months – at best.

Another similar thing found in the market – online credits without registration fee. These are regular credits that simply do not require you to pay for registration, which can sometimes be quite expensive. Although not comparable to a free loan, people often look for such loans for one reason or another.

There are other similar types of shares, but they are so specific that it’s not worth talking about. But perhaps it’s worth noting that if you are unemployed looking for an unemployed loan, then your best chance is to get an interest-free loan. Such an interest-free loan is simply the safest thing to do, as there is the greatest chance that it will be repaid on time. Although loan refinancing could also be mentioned as an option for such a loan.

It is never to be forgotten that the first credit is not given free of charge to anyone on any terms. Although you will only have to repay the borrowed interest-free amount, the free loan must still be granted in accordance with the law. And they tell you what customers can’t lend without any major exceptions. Therefore, if, say, you are in debt, it is advisable to look not at getting a loan for free but at reducing your debt. Perhaps the aforementioned refinancing would also help here.